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bristol county beekeepers association

We Collaborate & Educate to Preserve the Future of Honeybees

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Bee Suits For Kids

We are excited to announce a new program designed to encourage our kids to learn more about honey bees.

We know that protective clothing is an essential component of beekeeping, suits can be costly, and our kids outgrow them in no time.  As a result, our club has purchased four child size suits (one of each size) and gloves.  Suits will be made available, on loan, to members.  

The duration of the loan will vary depending upon demand.

  • Please remove hood and wash the suit prior to returning.  
  • Do not wash the hood.  
  • To borrow a suit call or text Charlene Mello at 508-728-0887.

If you have a child’s suit that they have outgrown please consider donating it to the club to help this program expand.  

Let’s include the future generation of beekeepers as we spend this spring/summer in our hives.

A special thanks is extended to Ken Pearl, Plymouth County Beekeepers’ Association, for his inspiration and recommendations.  

Glassware Now Available

The club has purchased glassware in bulk, making it available at a good discount to club members.  1lb and 2lb jars, with lids, are available to Members Only in the Club's Online Store. 

Distribution of glassware will be on Saturday, June 10th JUNE 17th at a location in Somerset, MA. 

More details about distribution will be forthcoming.  


Welcome to the Bristol County Beekeepers Association, located in beautiful Massachusetts!

Our organization is dedicated to promoting beekeeping and educating the public on the importance of these vital pollinators.

Whether you're a seasoned beekeeper or just starting out, we welcome all individuals who share a passion for bees and their role in our ecosystem. Our members have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we love to share tips and advice to help each other succeed.

At our monthly meetings, we offer informative presentations on beekeeping topics such as hive management, honey production, and disease prevention. We also host hands-on workshops and social events throughout the year, allowing members to learn new skills and connect with fellow bee enthusiasts.

As an active member of the Bristol County Beekeepers Association, you'll have access to valuable resources and support to help you achieve your beekeeping goals. Whether you're looking to start your own hive or expand your existing operation, our community is here to help.

We invite you to join us at our next meeting and see for yourself why beekeeping is such a rewarding and fulfilling hobby. 

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Membership is open to all.  Annual memberships can be for an individual or a household of family members. 

Tell your friends and family about the threats facing honeybees. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Join now!

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Upcoming events

Spring fling on 4/2/2023 with the Easter Bunny.

Thanks to Tom and Mary Ann Lord, Kai Armstrong, Holly Palladino, and Leslie Knowles for volunteering.

Bristol County Beekeepers Association

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