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BrCBA Youth Scholarship Application is now available.


  • One-year family membership in the Bristol County Beekeepers Association, Inc.(BrBCA)
  • One seat in the BrCBA Bee School. 
  • Wooden-ware for a beehive, consisting of: 
    • 1 screened bottom board with whiteboard (10-frame) 
    • 1 entrance reducer (10-frame) 
    • 2 deep boxes (10-frame) 
    • 2 medium boxes (10-frame) 
    • 20 deep frames and 20 medium frames with foundation 
    • 1 inner cover (10-frame) 
    • 1 telescoping lid (10-frame) 
    • 1 Hive-top feeder 
  • A package of bees (including a Queen) for the hive. 
  • Beekeeping gear:
    Jacket, hat, veil, gloves, hive tool, bee brush and bee smoker. 
  • Mentoring by a BrCBA member for one year.


Taunton River Festival     Sunday,  June 12, 2022  

Bristol County Beekeepers attended this free fun family event sponsored by the Taunton River Watershed Alliance at Weir Riverfront Park in Taunton, MA. Club members were on hand with a table of educational materials and the honeybee observation hive. 

Bristol County Beekeepers Association at the Buttonwood Zoo, New Bedford.
Party for the Planet - April 23, 2022

Bristol County Beekeepers Association

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